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Tunergeeks SRT4 Race Version Front Mount Intercooler



Weight: 40.00 lbs per item
The Tunergeeks Race Intercooler is one of the best if not the best on the market. It utilizes a Garrett Core sized 18x12x4.5 for perfect air flow and cooling properties. It is eliminates the back door end tanks normally used on the SRT4 and instead we built our coolers to have a nice flowing end tank with 3" inlets. This eliminates any hard turns for the boosted pressure.We offer this intercooler in either AC compatible or non AC styles. The AC style will offer a 2.5" inlet to use with stock piping and a 3" outlet. The Non AC version uses 3" inlet/outlet for maximum flow.This cooler has been tested up to 42 psi of boost and over 700 horse power. At 39 psi on a 67mm Turbo and the air temps were barely creeping over 100 degrees on the dyno with minimal air flow.